No Bull.

The 90th birthday grand re-opening of the Clark Memorial Library on October 19 was a huge success. The Friends of Clark Memorial Library’s 3-day fundraising book sale of unprecedented proportion produced an unprecedented profit. And our library now has a dedicated coordinator, Jeff King, who very much anticipates meeting the local community.

Don’t let Jeff down. Stop in and give him a big “welcome!” from 1 pm to 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday, 8 am to 12 noon Friday. And stay tuned, here on the blogsite, at the FCML homepage at, and at the YCFLD’s CML page at, as there is more news coming soon.

Midday on a Thursday and the auditorium is filling up. Very unusual.

One thought on “No Bull.

  1. You can say that again…and again. The three-day re-opening celebration rocked!

    Loved the kids from Clarkdale-Jerome School with their pro-reading signs! And the Cornville American Legion Honor Guard leading them into the Clark Memorial Clubhouse was a great touch. I see the signs are now lining the ramp to the library. Good show!

    The Mingus Union Honor Choir gave the best rendition of The Star Spangled Banner I have ever heard. Wish they could have sung more, but so glad they came to help library lovers celebrate this historic event.

    The speeches were blessedly short and to the point. Clarkdale Vice-Mayor Richard Dehnert’s was particularly trenchant, and you could hear every word at the back of the auditorium. And the Friends team selling books appreciated his sentiments immeasurably.

    CML’s new Library Coordinator, Jeff King, injected a welcome touch of humor into the proceedings. You know anyone who looks that good in a bowler hat is the right man for Clark Memorial Library.

    And then, as the Jerome Ukulele Orchestra struck up “You Are My Sunshine,” Dave Andrews presented the Friends of Clark Memorial Library with a $3,500 donation from the Clarkdale-Jerome Lions Club. No exaggeration–FCML members and the entire audience was jigging for joy.

    On top of this, the Friends really did provide birthday cake and ice cream. Book buyers truly needed sustenance to browse all those books.

    The second day, the book sale proceeded apace. But the Storytime program and Cynthia Strom’s lively music and movement program could have used a few more kids. Friends need to work on promoting their talent to the right groups. Obviously, residents wishing children’s offerings would return to CML weren’t as well informed as book buyers.

    However, the celebration ended on a high note. Cartoonist Michael Gallagher fascinated young and old alike with his cartooning workshop. That was a just-right presentation, with amazing results. And shoppers kept coming through 6:00, proving either that Clarkdale needs a used bookstore or that patrons like having the library open on Saturday.


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